Commands can be invoked in 2 ways: by mentioning the bot and then writing command label and arguments eg. @Kyoko#6125 say something or by prefixing with ky! or one of custom prefixes set by guild owner (check out prefix command).

You can always list all commands by typing ky!help in chat, or if you want to see it's usage and description - type ky!help [command label] eg. ky!help play

If you want to ask us something - join Kyoko's Discord server

Basic commands

Command Aliases Description Usage
userinfo (none) Displays information about user. ky!userinfo [user]
language locale, lang Change your language. ky!language [language]
invite (none) Invite Kyoko to your server! ky!invite
help (none) Displays command listing or usage, description and aliases. ky!help
serverinfo (none) Prints full information about current guild. ky!serverinfo
ping (none) Checks bot latency. ky!ping


Command Aliases Description Usage
banana banan, mujbanan, tvujbanan Measure length of yours or someone else's banana. ky!banana [user]
caesar (none) Encrypts/decrypts text using caesar cipher. ky!caesar [shift] [message]
snowflake (none) Decodes Discord snowflake ID. Look here for more info: https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/reference#snowflakes ky!snowflake <snowflake>
unbase64 debase64 Decodes base64-encoded string. ky!unbase64 [text]
base64 (none) Encodes text using base64. ky!base64 [text]
snipe (none) Deletesn't the message. ky!snipe
owoify owo OwOifies text. ky!owoify [text]
inspire (none) Inspire... yourself (powered by inspirobot.me) ky!inspire
emoji (none) Display info about emoji. ky!emoji <emoji>
why huh, hmm Why? ky!why why.usage
avatar (none) Steal someone's avatar. ky!avatar [user]
whatthecommit wtc, commit Generate random commit message. (source: https://github.com/ngerakines/commitment) ky!whatthecommit
shrug (none) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ky!shrug
say (none) Impersonate Kyoko. ky!say [text]
tableflip (none) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ky!tableflip
lenny (none) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ky!lenny


Command Aliases Description Usage
kick (none) Kicks a member from this guild. ky!kick <member> [reason]
ban (none) Bans a member from this guild. ky!ban <member> [purgeDays] [reason]
voicekick vckick, vkick, getthefuckoffmychannel Kicks specified users from voice channel(s). ky!voicekick [users...]
unban pardon Unbans a member from this guild. ky!unban <member name>
settings (none) Configure guild settings. ky!settings
prune (none) Prunes up-to 100 messages from certain (or all) members, or messages that contain some content. ky!prune [amount]=15 [member1 member2 bots...]|[contains some content]=all


Command Aliases Description Usage
richest topmoney, topcash Displays top 10 users with highest balance. ky!richest
claim dailies Claim your daily reward or give it to someone else. ky!claim [user]
sendmoney (none) Send some money to given user. ky!sendmoney <amount> <user>
profile (none) Check your or someone else's profile card. ky!profile [user]


Command Aliases Description Usage
search (none) music.search.description ky!search music.search.usage
karaoke (none) Toggles karaoke mode. ky!karaoke
vaporwave (none) Toggles vaporwave mode. ky!vaporwave music.vaporwave.usage
shuffle (none) Shuffles the playlist. ky!shuffle
list queue, q Displays song queue. ky!list [page]
resume (none) Resumes track if it got paused. ky!resume
skip >>, forceskip Skips currently playing song. ky!skip [track number]
repeat (none) Toggles current song repeating. ky!repeat
play >, p Plays track from given URL, attachment or search result. ky!play [search query or URL]
nightcore (none) Toggles nightcore mode and changes it's speed. ky!nightcore
pause (none) Pauses currently playing song. ky!pause
stop (none) Stops music playback and prunes queue. ky!stop
volume vol Adjust playback volume ky!volume music.volume.usage


Command Aliases Description Usage
punch (none) Punches someone ky!punch [user(s)]
megumin (none) Megumin ky!megumin
clagwimoth (none) Clagwimoth ky!clagwimoth
coffee (none) Sends a lovely coffee photo. ky!coffee coffee.usage
kiss (none) Kisses someone ky!kiss [user(s)]
initiald (none) Initial D ky!initiald
blush (none) Blush ky!blush
discordmeme (none) Discord memes ky!discordmeme
tickle (none) Tickles someone ky!tickle [user(s)]
lewd (none) Lewd ky!lewd
hug (none) Hugs someone ky!hug [user(s)]
jojo (none) JoJo ky!jojo
slap (none) Slaps someone ky!slap [user(s)]
dance (none) Dance ky!dance
pat (none) Pats someone ky!pat [user(s)]
lick (none) Licks someone ky!lick [user(s)]
awoo (none) Awooo ky!awoo
kemonomimi (none) Kemonomimi ky!kemonomimi
cry (none) ;_; ky!cry
weebsh weeb Get images from Weeb Services. ky!weebsh [type]


Command Aliases Description Usage
trap (none) Sends some trap boys. ky!trap
lewdneko (none) Sends a lewd anime catgirl. ky!lewdneko
boobs boobies, tits Shows you some ( . Y . ) ky!boobs